Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cleanica 360?
Cleanica 360 is a high-performance steam cleaning system that tackles dirt, grease, and grime while fighting against germs, bacteria, and viruses.

What can I clean with Cleanica 360?
Cleanica 360 can be used to clean and sanitize multiple surfaces at home including hardwood, laminate, ceramic, glass, and marble. Use it on your bathroom grout, on your stairway railings, clothing, children’s toys, and so much more.

Does Cleanica 360 require soap or any special cleaning solution?
No. Cleanica 360 cleans and sanitizes with ultra-powerful steam, not toxic fumes. Just fill the detachable water tank with water from your tap.

Is Cleanica 360 easy to use?
Yes! Cleanica 360’s lightweight, easy-to-carry design makes it easy to clean and sanitize countless objects and surfaces.